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State Of Emergency Declared In North Carolina Ahead Of Major Storm

If you have kids you are most likely aware of the nasty weather that has closed schools in the state. And it's easy to roll your eyes at the fact that school is canceled for rain in January. But the weather is expected to be very nasty.  Bad enough that a State of Emergency has been declared by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper ahead of the storm. What does a State of Emergency actually mean for North Carolina? It essentially allows the government to circumvent typical processes in order to provide timely assistance to residents in the state due to situations like weather, pandemics, civil unrest, or other similar situations. In this case, a press release reflects that truck weight, size, and hours of service restrictions will be waived. In order that "vehicles carrying essential supplies such as food, medicine or fuel or transporting livestock and crops can get their jobs done quickly." The severe weather system is expected to bring heavy rain and wind to the state. This can lead to flooding and power outages across the state. "This storm system has the potential to bring high winds and other dangerous storm conditions to North Carolina, and people should be aware and take precautions,” Governor Cooper said in the press release. "Be sure your emergency kits are up to date and pay attention to the weather in your area, especially any weather alerts such as flash flood warnings." Here in Charlotte, the worst weather is expected in the afternoon. It is recommended that you stay home and inside if at all possible. If you have to go out use caution while driving. Be safe out there! If only it was cold enough that all this precipitation was snow! [select-listicle listicle_id="433154" syndication_name="5-types-of-natural-disasters-you-have-the-best-chance-of-experiencing-in-north-carolina" description="yes"]

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