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While Big Macs, chicken nuggets and fries are likely McDonald’s most popular menu items, have you ever wondered what is the least popular? Well, folks on TikTok claim to have the answer.

Stephen Patula, an area supervisor from Waterford, Ohio, claims that by far the least popular item at the chain is hot tea. “Over the years, a ton of people have asked me what is the least ordered item at my McDonald’s,” he shared. “We bought these stores in July and I have yet to serve one hot tea. I actually didn’t know that we sold hot tea until about a month ago. Ironically though, our most sold item is iced tea.”

The post quickly went viral, with over 5.6 million people watching, prompting many other McDonald’s workers to agree.

    • “We sold a hot tea the other day. No one knew how to make it,” one person noted. “We had to get the [general manager] to help us.”
    • “I honestly didn’t even know McDonald’s had tea until I started using Uber Eats,” another added. “It’s not very well advertised.”

And apparently hot tea is less than popular at other food chains as well. One Wendy’s worker noted, “Wendy’s also has hot tea and I’ve worked there 4 years and have only sold it twice.”

Source: Fox News