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Being a working mom isn’t easy. No matter what your profession is, it’s hard to juggle a career and being a mom. Well, a mom named Nini Suarez has gone viral after sharing her working mom story!

A 12-second clip on TikTok has led to a conversation on whether strippers should take their kids to work with them. Nini Suarez, on her channel under the username @whatsuarez, posted a clip of her two-year-old son at the strip club she manages. She was showing various strippers holding him and even catching him on camera climbing onto the stage.

Most of the response to the clip has been very positive. But there are others who think it’s a terrible idea to take a small child to a strip club. In a follow-up video, Suarez points out that the toddler isn’t allowed to run loose on the floor where customers are and stays in the locker room where “all the girls love him.”




Source: New York Post