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This weekend was chilly. The fall hype swarmed the Carolinas. Even I dressed in a sweater with a warm vest. Driving through Southend you saw the cliche fall outfits straight from an Instagram influencers page.

But before you go throwing around the B-word – basic – psychologists say the reason people are autumn Stans is actually pretty deep. And apparently, the love for this season starts when we’re kids. Here’s how it works out:

    • Events. A big piece of the fall obsession comes from all the holidays and get-togethers that happen during it. Psychologist Amy Jane Griffiths says “we all crave the comfort and security that comes with traditions and predictability” and that all the “joyful experiences” of the season give us “something to look forward to.” So while the hot apple cider is great, what we really love is getting together with people to sip them together.
    • Biology. Our bodies are basically programmed to love this season. Recent studies have shown that cold weather made some people more likely to select films that they associated with “psychological warmth” like rom-com. And on top of the comfort movies, there’s all the comfort food. Sprinkle in all the cuddling to stay warm, it’s no wonder our brains tell us we love the sweater weather.
    • Nostalgia. With all the traditions that hit in the fall, it’s like a non-stop highlight reel of positive memories from your childhood. Remember all the fall school events and activities? Halloween trick-or-treating as a kid? Those lovely memories are nestled in the back of your brain which makes you want to celebrate the season even more.

Source: Bustle