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Large North Carolina City Named As The Best To Experience During Fall

Happy first official day of fall. Though I've been in the mindset since Labor Day weekend, September 22nd kicks off the true autumn season. What does that mean to you? Perhaps pumpkins, apple cider, football, leaves, fairs and festivals, and haunted houses? All things that make the season what it is. One of my favorite parts of the fall season is road trips and exploring especially the mountains and their beautiful fall colors. But here at home, there is so much to do as well. In fact, Charlotte North Carolina was actually named as one of the best cities for fall. This comes to us from our friends at PlayStar who shared their research with us. They gathered data about the 35 most populated cities in the US to help them rank the best and worst cities in the US to get into the Fall spirit. And Charlotte was right there near the top of that list coming in at number six. I have to say I'm a little surprised by this. So how were these cities ranked? Based on what PlayStar feels are the most fall things- Starbucks drinks, fall leaves, pumpkin patches, Gilmore Girls, and sharing it all on Instagram. They used publicly available data on the number os Starbucks per capita, the percentage of cities covered in trees, Instagram posts per capita, pumpkin patches per capita, and Gilmore Girls search volume. And that's where our list came from. Best Cities For Fall Boston, MA Seattle, WA Jersey City, NJ Portland, OR Chicago, IL Charlotte, NC Washington, DC Philadelphia, PA Baltimore, MD Newark, NJ Almost any city with a decent number of trees is gorgeous in the fall. I spent a weekend last fall in NYC and it was truly magical especially in and around Central Park. I also love places like Asheville, NC, and Charlottesville, VA in the fall. I can absolutely see that Boston, which took the number one spot on this list would be a fantastic place to be as the leaves change and temperatures drop. You can read the full study by PlayStar here. [select-listicle listicle_id="452138" syndication_name="north-carolina-has-2-of-the-most-beautiful-areas-for-fall-colors-in-america" description="yes"]

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