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KENNER, LOUISIANA - AUGUST 30: A woman looks over damage to a neighborhood caused by Hurricane Ida on August 30, 2021 in Kenner, Louisiana. Ida made landfall yesterday as a category 4 storm southwest of New Orleans. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

If you live in the Carolinas you’re no stranger to hurricanes.  Another hurricane is coming. Ida is heading north brushing the western part of NC with rain and wind. Looks like North Carolina will dodge a bullet this time.

But, we’ve had our share of strong costly and deadly hurricanes. Here’s a look at a few of the worst ones; Hugo, Hazel, and Florence.

September will be 32 years since memorable hurricane Hugo marched up South Carolina and plowed through Charlotte leaving significant damage.  Hugo made landfall on September 22nd, 1989 off the coast of Charleston, and plowed through Charlotte as a category 1 hurricane with wind gusts of 90 mph.

Before Hugo, Hurricane Hazel hit NC in 1954 as a category 4 hurricane. Hazel was the only category 4 to ever hit NC. Hazel was also the costliest storm that hurricane season, with 163 million dollars in damage and additionally, 19 people were killed according to National Hurricane Center.

You may remember  Hurricane Fran in 1996. It made landfall as a category 3 and killed 21 people and did 1.2 billion dollars in damage.

Matthew was another storm in recent years to produce more than a billion in damages in the state along with 25 deaths.

The costliest natural disasters ever were Hurricane Floyd in 1999, and Hurricane Florence in 2018.

Florence brought catastrophic flooding across the Carolinas. The major hurricane hit NC in 2018 as a cat 1, and then almost stopped over the region and caused 22 billion dollars of damage for North Carolina. Florence was responsible for 15 deaths in our stare, most of the deaths were from freshwater flooding involving vehicles according to storm reports.