I am in no way shape or form telling my sweet grandma these are now cheugy.

It’s official, I am old and a new era is among us…and it starts with the term cheugy. I tried forever to stay off TikTok. Not because I don’t like laughing or creativity, but because I didn’t want to fall into another social media hole. But, because my job includes all social media…I joined and shortly after I discovered a new ridiculous word, cheugy.

Cheugy (pronounced chew-gee) can be used to describe someone who is tacky, out of date and off-trend. The term can be applied to any one of any gender and any age and describe anything from an act, product, outfit, and even food like lasagna. This term came from Hallie Cain, 24, a copywriter in Los Angeles in a TikTok posted on March 30. According to a New York Times report, she said she started using the word back in 2013 while attending Beverly Hills High School. She started using it because she wanted a way to describe people who were slightly off-trend so she made her own term.

After watching some TikTok videos, I even found out that skinny jeans (which I will forever love) are now considered cheugy. I provided a brief list of some cheugy things below so you can stay trending. If you want to find out more things that are “apparently” cheugy you can take a look at this Instagram account here. Personally, I think there are some things millennials wear (like those chunky sneakers) that would have been considered cheugy back in my day. This is just another example of how so many trends come and go just as fast as the wind. I can’t wait to see what becomes cheugy next…

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