Cute Beagle puppy that bites a slipper

A recent study by Fasthosts confirms what we all believed. Watching cute animals reduces stress levels.

The study by Fasthosts surveyed 2000 participants to find out what makes them feel the happiest. They then took the top 10 things and hosted them onto a website titled the ‘Happiest Website Ever’. Viewer’s facial expressions were tracked and observed by psychology experts to reveal that watching these things can reduce stress levels and is guaranteed to make you smile!

In addition to watching cute animals, other highlights were sunny skies, listening to the sound of the sea, and receiving a compliment. All of these were shown to reduce stress levels while positively affecting happiness levels.

If you want to reduce your stress levels and increase your positivity you can still view the ‘Happiest Website’. But beware, you may not want to leave!

Michelle Stark, the sales and marketing director at Fasthosts explained the research saying: “With so much negativity surrounding us over the past year, it’s important to try and get a mood boost from accessible things around you. That’s why we’ve conducted this research to find out what positively affects our happiness and stress levels.”

To view the happiest website  click here

This means those endless YouTube and TikTok rabbit holes (pun completely intended) can now be categorized as #selfcare right?