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We’ve heard tragic tales of unsuspecting people being ghosted by their partners, but this is one of the worst. It happened to Jennifer Billock just after her sixth wedding anniversary, which she never even got to celebrate with her then-husband. She shares that he’d been out of town for work and couldn’t make the six-hour drive back from Minnesota in time for their dinner date because of bad weather. And when he did get home “with a dozen roses and a mountain of apologies,” he slept on the couch, claiming he was too amped up from his trip to go to bed at a reasonable time.

Billock went on a business trip a few days later and they fought the morning she left because she didn’t have time to sit down and watch a 30-minute video on YouTube. He told her, “It’s a good thing you’ve got this trip,” and she figured he’d cool off while she was away. Instead, she was met with radio silence. He didn’t respond to texts, even one asking him to restart the security camera at home that was offline. When she tried to come home early, he texted to ask for another day “to calm down” and when she got home, she realized why.

Her husband had taken half their stuff and moved out, taking her cat with him! And after ghosting her, he finally reached out … in an EMAIL … to say he’d filed for divorce and moved to Minnesota. He even unplugged the security camera so she wouldn’t see him moving and packed up in the middle of the night so the neighbors wouldn’t see. And even worse? He had moved in with a female coworker in Minnesota with who he’d been having an affair with and he made their relationship Facebook official soon after. Billock has gotten over it now and she says buying herself “some new, better roses” helped her move on.

Source: Your Tango