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Damnit! This is so something I would do!!

There are plenty of husbands out there who wait until the last minute to get their wives something for Valentine’s Day. While last minute gifts are usually a disappointment, should a gal just be happy to get one or does she have a right to be angry? Well, that’s the dilemma facing gal, who took to the Internet for advice.

A British woman shared on Mumsnet that she was really disappointed by the Valentine’s Day card she got from her husband this year.  He apparently didn’t look too closely at it, because on top in gold calligraphy it read “to my handsome fiancé.”

She was obviously upset, noting that her hubby’s excuse was “it was the last one left in Tesco Express.” He had forgotten his glasses,” and added that his excuse for not buying it earlier was that he was recovering from getting the COVID vaccine.

But while some felt the card was a big misstep, others seemed to be a bit more forgiving.

  • “Yeah that is pretty crap. Wrong on all levels!,” one person commented, while another added “Oh my! Yeah I would rather he didn’t bother. That’s just rude. It would be funny if you’re not in the situation.”
  • Of those not coming down on the husband, one commented, “Hahaha! Did he go self checkout? Bless him, God does love a trier,” while another added, “I wouldn’t be disappointed, but may use it as a excuse for extra attention on Valentine’s night.”
  • Finally, another shared, “Lol yeah that’s pretty crap but I would probably just laugh and take the Mickey for at least the next year, and expect him to pay for a takeaway tonight.”

Source: The Mirror