LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 06: Selena Gomez attends the 2020 Hollywood Beauty Awards at The Taglyan Complex on February 06, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)

Early this morning, Selena Gomez dropped her newest single “Baila Conmigo” with Rauw Alejandro and I LOVE IT! It seems that a lot of other people do too because both the song and music video have already racked up quite a lot of views and listens!

The title “Baila Conmigo” translated means Dance with Me and the song is all about connecting and falling in love over dance. Can I just say hot hot hot! Honestly, it’s a dream of mine to fall in love with a stranger over a dance so brb, swooning…

Video Gets People Up And Dancing

The song is super catchy and has a nice rhythm that could definitely easily be used for choreography.  Selena even says that the video is meant to get people up and dancing. In an article on PopCrush, she says, “The video portrays the sense of isolation we all are experiencing right now and how music truly does connect us all no matter where we are in the world.” And I think she’s right.

The video shows two people who don’t know each other but end up connecting after learning the same dance. The best part of the video IMO is the end scene where the two ride a motorcycle into the sunset on a beach….. the most epic date ever??? I’d say so.

Selena’s New Latin Album

This single along with “De Una Vez” released earlier this month will be featured on Selena’s Spanish EP called “REVELACIÓN”. She says this Spanish project is something she’s really excited about! First, she’s wanted to work on a project like this for a while to share the pride she feels for her Latina heritage. Second, she says, “I feel like it’s the perfect timing. Just with all the division in the world, there’s something about Latin music that globally just makes people feel things…” I LOVE that quote because I think it’s so true!

I personally really love and appreciate Latin music because it always either makes me want to get up and dance to it, like this one, or there are some really deep hitting feels. Plus, listening to songs in Spanish has helped me learn the language more! I can’t WAIT for the rest of her album! Mark your calendars! It’s set to come out on March 12th.

Watch the official “Baila Conmigo” music video for yourself.