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Being born and raised in Raleigh, there’s not much about it I don’t know about. I even remember one time in high school I went with some friends to an abandoned house that was “expected to be haunted.” I can’t really remember if anything spooky happened or not, but I do believe that things can be haunted. Take the work we do with CAPS for example, Tina from CAPS goes with us yearly to a new place each year to find out if it’s haunted. Sometimes we do have findings, sometimes we don’t.

North Carolina was founded over 230 years ago and within those years there have been some gruesome battles, deceased political figures and much more. Raleigh is the state capitol so it’s definitely seen some ****!

Here are some top places that are believed to haunted:

  • Mordecai House


  • North Carolina Executive Mansion
  • North Carolina State Capitol
  • The Carolina Inn