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Warning…MAJOR spoiler alerts.

Legit, like…if you haven’t seen this yet and don’t want to know the ending, then exit out…because after reading this you will basically know how the movie ends.

One last chance…

Okay. Here goes nothing.

So the new #1 on Netflix is a new action packed movie starring Chris Hemsworth. It’s called ‘Extraction.’

Check out the trailer:

The movie gives me major Denzel Washington ‘Man on Fire’ vibes, which was lucky for Netflix because I love that movie. So I gave it a shot last night. Honestly…Netflix movies just keep getting better and better.

Chris Hemsworth plays Tyler, an ex-military badass who has a team who does extractions. His mission in this movie is to remove Ovi Mahajan Jr. from being held hostage by Bangladesh drug lord Amir. Ovi’s father is incarcerated and is the biggest drug lord in India. Ovi’s father trusted Ovi with Saju, who gave him the ultimatum of getting his son back or else he wouldn’t see his own son again. He threatens him saying that just because he is in prison, doesn’t mean he can’t get his hands on his family. After Saju meets with his wife to talk about what to do, he realizes that all of Ovi’s father’s assets have been frozen since being incarcerated so he knows he wants to hire Tyler (Chris Hemsworth) & his team, but doesn’t have the money to pay for it. That’s where he says he has a plan…

His plan involves screwing over Tyler & his team. His team gets X’d pretty early on, but it’s a thriller from beginning to end.

Long story short, Saju doesn’t make it – but ends up teaming up with Tyler to get Ovi to safety. Ovi gets extracted safely, but at the very end after you think Tyler is going to make it…he gets hit in the neck and falls into the river.


Tyler gets asked by Ovi about his family, he reveals that he hasn’t seen/talked to his wife in a long time and his 6-year-old is no longer here with them because he drowned. That’s when Ovi responds with a quote by author Paulo Coelho.

“You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged into it.”

Fast forward to the ending of Extraction: Ovi is living his life, with more bravery, and jumps into the water of a pool in the deep in, he stays at the bottom for a second, and then comes to the top for air. When he looks out of the pool, there is a man in the distance out of focus.

Is it Tyler? Did Tyler survive the fall?

The quote basically means…you don’t die by going through hard times, you die by giving up.

I thought the ending was an amazing act of literature quite honestly. It lets you decide the fate of Tyler.

Overall…10/10. Highly recommend streaming this movie!