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Warning…The food truck’s name is The Slutty Vegan. So you’re probably going to read those words a lot. If that offends you, I am so sorry…I am just writing a review on the food truck itself. How about this: I’ll just abbreviate and call it the S.V. Cool?

Here we go.

So one cool thing about working in media is that sometimes we get on certain lists that let us know in advance when cool things are coming to Charlotte. For example, the S.V. is a food truck that is based in Atlanta, but they’re currently “on tour” so to speak and they decided to make a stop in Charlotte. One of my friends lives in Atlanta and when I told her about this, she absolutely freaked saying it was the most popular thing in town but also…there is never under a 2 hour line. WHAT!? Isn’t that crazy? I don’t know if there is much I would wait over 2 hours for.

When I arrived to the pop-up they had created in Charlotte it was exactly what I though it would be. News doing interviews, music playing, mile long line. But let me say…it was totally worth it. Their menu in Atlanta is much more extensive but their menu in Charlotte consisted of two types of burgers (both 100% vegan) and you got fries with your burger. So what did I do? I tried both.. and they were both the best burgers ever! Even without the meat!

If you ever get the chance to try the S.V. I would totally recommend it! What they’re doing is really cool…they’re trying to show you that you can still indulge in your “naughty” cravings while still not eating meat and staying vegan. As someone who is trying to cut meat out of their diet, I really like what they’re doing!

Check out some of the pictures I took. I also realized one thing…being a food photographer, not my gift.