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A young woman is meditating in a park at sunset, there is a bottle of health drink next to her

These products will help with this awful never-ending heatwave.  

What is the deal with this heat!? Will it ever end?  It better, but until it does here some products that will hopefully help cool you down.

  • 20-inch air circulating fan – $39.28
  • Mini personal fan – $17.99
  • Iced coffee maker – $18.99
  • Makeup setting spray – $5.90
  • Water bottle – for the record, this isn’t just any water bottle, it reminds you of when you should drink your water! $23.00
  • Stainless steel bottle – $17.95
  • Personal mister – $17.48
  • Sunburn lotion – $8.30
  • Polarized sunglasses – $16.99
  • Pet cooling mat – $29.99

It seems like when it’s cold all we wish for is heat and when it’s this hot all we wish for is cooler weather! Give us cooler weather! Buzzfeed is the real MVP for helping us find all of these items. Keep it cool, friends!