Lewisburg, Ohio is home to the World’s Longest Haunted House, but it’s technically not a house at all…it’s actually a bat-filled cave!

Previously voted Best Haunt in the US for USA Today, the Lewisburg Haunted Cave is where you should go if you crave the scariest of the scary.

The cave reopened for the 2021 season on September 17th. They are open every Friday and Saturday evening from 7pm until midnight. They’ll be open through Halloween.

Their latest Instagram posts jokes about couple’s therapy:

One review on their website discusses how one family with kids has made the cave a tradition. But, I would have to say, it seems more appropriate for older kids, than younger kids. For younger kids, though, they also offer a 40-minute historic wagon ride, which explores a different part of the cave, where you will likely see bats.

If you’ll be in the Lewisburg area near Halloween, this might just be the coolest place you can visit to get in the holiday spirit. Tickets are $19-$25 for an adult and kids are $10.

For more information, visit the website for Lewisburg Haunted Cave.

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