Mrs. T’s Pierogies & Dishin’ With Debbie

It’s a well-known fact that Country 103.7’s Debbie from the Charlie and Debbie Show LOVES to cook. She prepares meals for her family that are hardly boring and always delicious. Mrs. T’s Pierogies, stuffed with the stuff you love, simple, easy to make, and filled with the flavors you crave. Perfect for meals, sides, or snacks – and sharing with the people you love!

Dishin’ With Debbie-Chorizo Queso Fundido

Dishin’ With Debbie-Walking Tacos

Dishin’ With Debbie-Waffle Iron Corn Dogs

Dishin’ With Debbie-Slow Cooker Taco Chicken

Dishin’ With Debbie-Frozen Blueberry Margarita

Dishin’ With Debbie-Buzzed Cherry Bombs

Dishin’ With Debbie-Zoodle Pad Thai

Here’s One Cocktail That’s PERFECT For Summer

Dishin’ With Debbie-Pad Thai Mini Pierogies

Dishin’ With Debbie-Pierogy Lasagna

Dishin’ With Debbie-Loaded Baked Potato Pierogy Sheet Pan

Dishin’ With Debbie-Grilled Spicy Pierogy Mexican Street Corn

Super Bowl Food And Drink Winners For Your Party

“Dishin’ With Debbie” LIVE! With “Big Game Mexi-Sliders”

Dishin’ With Debbie-Christmas Mule

Dishin’ With Debbie-The Best Banana Pudding EVER

Dishin’ With Debbie-Rudolph Treats

Dishin’ With Debbie-General Tso’s Mini Pierogies

Dishin’ With Debbie-Caramelized Onion, Mushroom & Bacon Pierogies

Dishin’ With Debbie-Tomato Basil Pierogy Soup

Dishin’ With Debbie-Baked Feta And Tomatoes Pierogies

Dishin’ With Debbie-Everything Toasted Pierogies

Dishin’ With Debbie-Waffle Iron Corn Dogs

Dishin’ With Debbie-Cinnamon Roll Chocolate Chip Pancakes