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With my passion for cooking, I’m always on the lookout for new products or traditional favorites that have been around for years that I can incorporate into my recipes in creative ways. I am so happy I found Mrs. T’s Pierogies.

If you’re not familiar with pierogies, they are these amazing stuffed pasta pockets. Think of ravioli, in a semicircle shape…it looks like a smile. And yes, they will make you smile! The classics are stuffed with creamy whipped potatoes and cheddar cheese.

Mrs. T’s Pierogies offer so much variety. You’ll find everything from cheddar and bacon to onion to broccoli, pizza and so many more. Choose from full-sized or mini. Saute them, deep fry them, broil, bake, microwave, or grill them. That’s how versatile they are. They’re great as an appetizer, main dish, side, salad, or even in soup! I love Asian inspired dishes, and I really enjoy creating fusion dishes that combine unexpected ingredients together for something completely new! Mrs. T’s Pierogies website is full of recipes to help you get started using your favorite pierogy flavors to create amazing recipes. That’s where I found this week’s Asian Pierogy Stir Fry dish.

It’s incredibly easy, convenient, and quick to throw together for a family meal. It was ready in just minutes, and it was packed with interesting, delicious flavors. I hope you enjoy it! Make sure to pick up some Mrs. T’s Pierogies in the freezer section of your grocery store. You’ll be glad you did!


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