Have you guys tried Mrs. T’s Pierogies yet?  You have to!  Trust me, you will love them.  They are these amazing pillowy soft semi-circle shaped pockets of dough, stuffed with fluffy potatoes, cheese, and lots of other yummy fillings.  They are so versatile.  You can bake, saute, boil, fry, grill or microwave them.  And, as I’ve been discovering lately, they are fantastic incorporated into a number of recipes.

This week, I’m using them in a quick and easy foil packet dish that cooks in the oven or on the grill for that perfect camping trip supper.  They’re delicious. And, the best part…no the dishes to clean up!  I hope you enjoy this recipe and remember to look for Mrs. T’s Pierogies in the frozen foods section of your favorite grocery store.