No doubt we are all staying in and probably cooking more than ever before.  I try to make only one trip per week to the grocery store.   I have to use what I have in my fridge, freezer and pantry to get creative with meals.  It makes me feel like I’m a guest on my favorite cooking show each week, “Chopped” on The Food Network.

Chefs open a basket of mystery ingredients, and the task is to cleverly assemble them all into one cohesive dish.  They must use all the ingredients in some way.   The rules allow them to pull from the pantry and fridge to complete their dish.

Oh, and it must look good and taste even better.

It’s harder than it looks folks!  My basket contained frozen pre-made burger patties, coleslaw in a bag, barbeque chips and cherry pie filling.   My mind went to repurposing the burgers into meatballs with a barbeque flavor using the chips as a binder.   Any barbeque needs a sauce, made from the pie filling.  And of course in the South, no barbeque is complete without a cool, refreshing slaw.  And,  my buds from the real “Chopped” were there cheering me on.   Wink, wink.  You’ll see!  Enjoy!