I am so happy I discovered Mrs. T’s Pierogies. They have opened up a whole new adventure in cooking for me.  I only wish I had known about them sooner!  In case you are new to the pierogy party, let me introduce you. Mrs. T’s Pierogies are delicious pillowy pockets of semi-circle shaped dough stuffed with fluffy whipped potatoes, cheese, and a variety of yummy ingredients. I have incorporated them into so many dishes with amazing success and rave reviews from the family. We’ve had them in everything from stir fry dishes, to fajitas to Italian-inspired fare.  They are so versatile.

Today’s recipe is especially appealing because it’s a one-pan, sheet-tray meal that’s quick, easy, delicious, and simple to clean up.  I used chicken sausage, but feel free to use any of your favorite kielbasa links! I hope you enjoy Pierogy Kielbasa Sheet Pan Dinner as much as we did.  And, remember to look for Mrs. T’s Pierogies in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store.