There are always challenges to dating, but doing it as a single parent is a little different. For one thing, time is precious, and according to a new poll, single parents know if they want a second date just 38 minutes into the first one, on average.

According to SWNS Digital, the poll of 2-thousand single parents from Stir, the dating app just for single parents, looks into how they manage their love lives and reveals:

  • It takes them less than an hour (55 minutes) into a date to know if they’ll want to have sex with that person.
  • The average respondent thinks that only 31% of the dates they’ve been on were “worth it” or made them want to have a second one.
  • Since becoming a single parent, 48% say they have a better idea of what they want from a partner, 34% appreciate romantic moments more and 23% are more willing to date outside their typical “type.”
  • Nearly a third (30%) are willing to break things off sooner if they’re not feeling it, while 20% have higher expectations for good sex.
  • More than half (57%) say they’re embracing their silly side more than before they had kids, but they’re also more cautious (60%), open-minded (49%) and confident (32%) than they were before.
  • Single parents say the top things people assume about them are that they don’t have the time or energy for dating (34%), that their life is very complicated (32%) and that they’re searching for a co-parent, not a romantic partner (32%).
  • As for actually having sex, 27% believe they need to be in an exclusive relationship with the person first, but 31% say the first, second and third dates aren’t off the table.

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