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A man was arrested for stealing a John Deere tractor and leading Boone police on a low-speed chase yesterday. The Charlotte Observer reported that Boone police received a 911 call in the afternoon.

Reports say a tractor was being driven around a parking lot “erratically,” trying to hit pedestrians. When the officers arrived, they witnessed a man driving the tractor that they were “very familiar with.” Police say the man then drove the tractor down the road on a low-speed chase.

The driver drove the tractor into two box trucks. A listener who called the Maney and LauRen Show said those trucks were hers.

“We did attempt to use stop sticks,” Boone police Chief Andy Le Beau said in a Facebook post. “But they were not terribly effective on the tractor.”

The tractor turned onto an empty road. Police say the man then “jumped off the tractor and was wielding a knife.” An officer used a Taser to stop the man, and he was arrested shortly after.