Lots of people used their extra free time during COVID lockdown to get in shape, but one woman took her exercise to the extreme and broke a world record in the process. According to The Williams RecordAlyssa Clark and her husband were stationed in Italy with the U.S. military when the Italian government issued stay-at-home orders in the spring of 2020. So she decided to put her background as an ultramarathoner to good use and started running the distance of a marathon every day.

After the first 14-day lockdown was extended, Clark kept running, some days on a treadmill, sometimes outside. After about 25 days, she says she started wondering what the record is and she learned the world record for most consecutive marathons was 61 days, so she made it her goal to do more and she definitely did.

Clark ended up running 95 consecutive marathon distances in 95 days! While she intended to set the new record at 100 days, she started feeling sick on the 96th day and it turns out, it was symptoms of COVID and she decided it was a good stopping place. She recently got word from Guinness World Records that she’s now the record holder for most consecutive days to run a marathon distance, but she hopes it doesn’t last. “I was and am definitely proud to have the record,” Clark explains, “but I hope someone will go out and break it one day soon.”

Well Maney found a guy, who didn’t break this record, but he did break a less desirable World Record of blowing balloons up with his nose. So, of course, we had to try it ourselves. Sure, we knew we’d look stupid doing it, but how hard could it be? Jokes on us, because it was really difficult.. watch here:

Source: The Williams Record

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