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A wife was cheered for sleeping around after hubs wants an open marriage. This is according to a Reddit post.

Reddit readers are applauding and validating a woman who tried an open marriage at her husband’s request. She stuck with it despite his protests. In a post to the “True Off My Chest” section, she writes that a year ago, her husband told her he wasn’t physically attracted to her anymore. This wasn’t exactly surprising to her since they hadn’t had sex in over four years, since their youngest child was born.

“He said he loved me more than anything in the world and that the rest of the relationship was perfect.” “But he needed to have sex or he would go crazy.” His solution? An open marriage!  She was “taken aback” at first. Then they talked about what that would be like for a few weeks. Since she was feeling sexually deprived herself, she agreed. They set up rules to make it work, including not bringing anyone else home. Always use protection and to let each other know when it was happening.

Within a week, he was meeting new women and was out most nights. It made his wife feel bad at first, then she decided to give it a try. She started flirting with a client at work who’s always been extra chatty. When she told him about her arrangement, he was down. Her husband wasn’t thrilled with her plan. He made excuses to not watch the kids so she could meet the man, but she eventually made a lunch date with him and says it “was amazing.”

Afterward, her husband was “livid” since she broke a rule by not telling him first. Later, he woke her up for sex in the middle of the night and they’ve done it every night since. Now he says he’s attracted to her again and that they need to close the marriage, but she doesn’t want to. She says, “I like having other options and we’re not hurting anyone.”

Do your thang girl! He made the choice and the offer!