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While finding out your partner is cheating can be devastating, one woman recently discovered something even worse, and it caused her to rethink her whole relationship.

A woman named Tori shared on TikTok that while snooping through her now ex’s phone she made a discovery more startling than cheating. “What’s more embarrassing and honestly heartbreaking than going through your man’s phone to find out he’s cheating on you?” she shares. “It’s going through your man’s phone to find out that he can’t cheat on you.”  She adds, “Going through your man’s phone to find out that he is trying and actively failing to cheat on you is a shame and embarrassment I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

Tori explained that she had been suspicious of her man so she went through his phone only to find that he was on a dating app and messaged 85 women looking for a match, but no one was interested. She says realizing nobody wanted him made her question why she was crying over his possible cheating and she eventually ended things.

The post quickly went viral and has been viewed over 900,000 times, with many women letting Tori know she is not alone.

    • “This was my ex-husband. He tried so hard,” one person commented. “One girl responded to him “bro, look at your wife and then look in the mirror”. We’re friends now.”
    • “Girl, I caught my ex getting rejected in the dm’s so many times it’s so much worse than the girls actually wanting him,” another shared.
    • And another pointed out, “Girl I was fighting for a spot that NOBODY wanted,” to which Tori replied, “Nobody wanted to take them off our hands.”

Source: The Sun