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(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

The Charlotte FC is changing its severe weather policy! If you’ve been to a Charlotte FC game during a storm, you know that a weather delay is a nightmare. Lauren, Nicole, and I went to the FC/Chelsea game and we were forced to go into a bar and drink (forced lol). The old weather policy at Bank of America Stadium states gates close when lightning is within 8 miles of the stadium.

With gates closed, that means thousands of fans can’t get into the stadium. Fans wait out in front of the gates until an “all clear” is given. Then at that point, you may wait another 30 minutes to get through security.

This past Saturday marked the 3rd time this season the FC had a weather delay. Saturday’s delay was the worst one yet. Fans waited out a storm for hours.

Now the new policy states people can continue into the stadium during delays according to WBTV. Charlotte FC made changes so now screening can continue during delays in sheltered locations so personnel can remain safe, and fans can seek safety inside the stadium concourse the news outlet reports.

Great call on this updated policy FC!!