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There are lots of crazy reasons dads have missed the birth of their child. In fact, my dad who was an airline pilot missed my older brother’s deliveries. He was there for mine.

A labor and delivery nurse who goes by @Anna.the.nurse on TikTok recently went viral. Sharing the craziest reasons dads missed the birth of their child, and if we were the moms we’d be pissed.

“These are in no particular order because they’re all absurd if you ask me,” she shared. Noting that one guy felt the need to go get food as his wife was in labor. “I had a patient, and I thought she was going to [give birth] fast,” Anna explains. “And I told [the dad that] I had a feeling. He insisted that he did not like hospital food and he went to get fast food — missed the birth of his child.”

Other crazy reasons include the guy who put his ringer on silent in order to “get a good nap” while his wife was in labor. Another snuck off to his fantasy football draft, and another who left to “feed the cat,” even though it was “an outdoor cat.” One of the worst, Anna says is the dad-to-be who “left the room to talk to an ex who was in the parking lot.” Noting, “I don’t know what the conversation [was about], but we tried to call him and he was not answering.”

  • The video has since amassed over 2.6 million views, with some other moms sharing reasons their partner missed their child’s birth:
    • “My husband missed the birth because one of [our] cattle was in labor,” one mom shared. “He was there for the birth of the cattle, not his son, [and said] I had the doctor to assist, [the cow] didn’t. We’re still married.”
    • Another added, “I’m in the south, the dads who leave go to the club.”