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Nothing changes your perception of parenting like actually having kids. Child-free folks may fantasize about raising screen-free, gourmet food-eating little ones, but when those kids exist and things get real, parents do what they have to do.

Writer and illustrator Aubrey Hirsch asked her Twitter followers, “What’s the parenting fantasy you abandoned most swiftly and completely?” She kicks things off by revealing that hers is definitely “My kids will eat whatever we’re eating!” And dozens of moms and dad have joined in to share how things changed when they actually became parents:

“Probably also that traveling with a small child could possibly feel like a vacation. There may be fun moments here or there but woo boy is traveling with a kid NOT vacation.”

“‘We are just going to let him cry it out. We can do it, he will be fine!’ 3 mins & a lot of vomit later, ‘that is never happening again”

“If we cook it together, he’ll eat it!”

“‘I’ll never be vulnerable to the tantrum and whims of a child.’ Ahahaha..aahh… Just make it stop.”

“Fantasy: this home will be a no screens analog sanctuary of creativity and learning. Reality: please just let me go to the toilet do you want “Paw Patrol” or “Peppa Pig”

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