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Risk level 4- Playing for an hour at an outdoor playground - Playgrounds are also open across the country. Make sure to bring PPE for you and your kids and wipe down anything they will be touching.

Parents know the importance of teaching kids about safety and according to the NY Postone woman is sharing a “survival tactic” you probably haven’t taught your little ones. Author, motivational speaker and mom of six Chauvon Landry often shares parenting tips and advice on TikTok and she recently posted an unexpected safety tip that people are loving.

“Okay, so here’s a survival tactic that I teach my kids that I hope they never have to use,” Landry says at the beginning of the video. “It could save your child’s life, so listen up.” She explains that if kids ever find themselves in danger, like someone is trying to kidnap them or force them to do something they don’t want to, they shouldn’t just scream – they should yell out “every single curse word they can possibly think of.”

Mabry’s point is that when we hear a kid screaming at the playground or somewhere like that, it’s not really alarming to us because kids are always yelling when they’re playing. But if you hear a child yelling out a string of obscenities, you’ll probably stop mid-conversation to see what’s going on to make this kid unleash like that. Basically, the R-rated behavior of the kid will be a signal to other grown-ups around that something is definitely wrong and this kid needs help.

Source: NY Post

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