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Trying to co-parent with an ex can be challenging, and according to ABC Action News, for Megan Stortz and Mike Paskas it just wasn’t working. After their divorce, they struggled to co-parent their son because even though they’d both moved on and remarried, they still had a lot of issues they hadn’t worked through. Megan explains, “We weren’t communicating in a healthy manner, and when I started to see it take a toll on our son, I wasn’t like, I need to find something else to do that works.”

So Megan reached out to her own stepmom for advice, and she suggested sending a gift to Tiffany Paskas, Mike’s new wife and stepmom of their son. At first, Megan was hesitant because she grew up in a divorced family where her mom and stepmom didn’t get along, but she decided to go for it. She sent Tiffany a Mother’s Day card and a bottle of champagne, writing something like ‘Thank you for being such a positive influence in my son’s life.” And it was a game-changer.

Tiffany was surprised by the gesture, which opened the door of communication between them to help with co-parenting. But even more surprising? The friendship that these two women formed as a result. They realized they have a lot in common, aside from wanting what’s best for the kids. “She’s the best friend I’ve always wanted,” Megan says. Now they spend time together with the child they share, Megan’s youngest son and even her ex-husband, Mike, and her new husband.

These co-parenting pros hope to break down the stigma of stepparents and share their experiences on social media, where they go by “Moms of Tampa.”

Source: ABC Action News

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