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The term “hypergamy” has been floating around TikTok recently with over 126 million views. The concept has been around since the 19th century however and according to “ Buzzfeed,” was “defined to mean when a man marries a woman of lower social status, or the woman marries ‘up,’ which elevates her position in society.”

Emily de Réan doesn’t consider herself a formal dating coach but she still regularly gives her advice to 40-thousand followers on TikTok about how to approach hypergamy. Here are her “rules to become a stay at home gf”:

  • “If his mom is working 2 jobs, RUN”
  • “Select guys 5-7 years older”
  • Date only guys who are ALREADY rich”
  • “Get your body in the best shape”
  • “Learn to cook 5 recipes really well to set yourself apart from the competition”
  • “Choose successful business owners and entrepreneurs”
  • “Never ever date for potential”

Miss Hyperglam is another “dating coach” on TikTok whose content is all about encouraging women to invest in themselves and embrace their femininity. She also talks about hypergamy on her page explaining, “If you’re dating heterosexually and you’re going to live with a man, we really need to pick the best man for the future that we’re trying to create, and usually that’s someone on your level or up.” Here are some common questions Miss Hyperglam receives about hypergamy and her answers:

  • Q: What’s wrong with going 50/50?
  • A: “It’s never 50/50 for a woman. I was not born to suffer.”
  • Q: Why are your standards so high?
  • A: “High standards project you from low-quality experiences.”
  • Q: Isn’t hypergamy just gold-digging?
  • A: “It’s called being smart. Where is security, love will follow.”

Source: Buzzfeed

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