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Oh la la. A French kiss involves a lot of tongues. A tongue-to-tongue kiss occurs when one or both partners use their tongues to stimulate each other's mouths.

When it comes to dreams, ones where you’re having sex are definitely better than ones where you show up to a work presentation in your undies or your teeth fall out. We’ve all had sex dreams and sometimes we wake up from them confused or just curious about what they’re trying to tell us.

Recently PureWow, featured this topic and Celebrity psychic and dreams expert Inbaal Honigman breaks down the meaning of some common sex dreams.

Random sex with a stranger – According to this expert, this kind of risk-taking behavior can suggest you’re bored with your life and “random sex in a dream is a safe way to explore.” She says it may be a sign it’s time to start “looking for new directions and experimenting.”

Sex with a platonic friend – It can be startling to wake up and realize you were just getting it on with a friend in your dream, but lots of us do. Inbaal says it’s worth exploring your emotions to see if you’re attracted to this person and if not, the dream could mean that you’re “very in awe of this person and your subconscious mind is misinterpreting a bit.”

Sex with a coworker – Unless you have a crush on that colleague, this one can give you the ick, but the dream could just be showing that you’re hoping to change positions at work, like with a promotion, and need to be seen differently at work.

Cheating dreams – Waking up from these dreams can definitely be distressing, but Inbaal says they’re very common and can mean one of two things. If you have a history of infidelity in your relationship, the dream could be telling you that there are still trust issues and if there’s no history of cheating, you may just be feeling side-lined or that there’s some emotional cheating going on.

Source: PureWow

written by LauRen