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Karly Sindy of Asheville North Carolina said the DMV approved her FART personalized license plate back in October. She was a bit surprised but excited when she received the plate in the mail.

She put it on her truck and went on her merry way, driving around town with “FART” on the back of her pickup.

Then on February 25, she received a letter in the mail from the DMV. The letter stated that the DMV had received some complaints about the plate.

The DMV asked Sindy to respond explaining what the plate meant to her and why it was important. She and some friends online put their heads together and came up with an attempt to save the FART. They decided to tell the DMV that it was an acronym for their (completely made up) group: Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails.

Well we say “completely made up,” but that’s not exactly accurate now. Now the group does exist. Sindy even said she had 15 people show up at the group’s first meeting. The group now has a mailing list, a website, promotional stickers and t-shirts!

As for the license plate, it’s yet to be seen if the DMV will allow Sindy to keep using FART. There are more than 9,000 personalized plates already banned in North Carolina. Time will tell if FART joins the list.

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I was out and about in our lovely city the other day when I came across this sign. Of course, I had to take a picture for social media but what happened next is what really blew my mind…

I took the picture and paused for a few seconds to upload/crop out the license plate and I legitimately saw a parking ticket worker walk by…stop to read the sign…then KEEP WALKING! You mean to tell me all I need is this sign and I’ll never have to pay a parking ticket again? Sign me up!

**don’t try that at home…I will NOT pay your parking tickets haha*