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BERLIN, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 24: People protest in front of the Reichstag Building against the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 in Berlin, Germany. Overnight, Russia began a large-scale attack on Ukraine, with explosions reported in multiple cities and far outside the restive eastern regions held by Russian-backed rebels.

Facebook and Twitter have removed two accounts spreading anti-Ukrainian propaganda according to NBC News.

One of the two is linked to a known Russian disinformation operation and the other has connections to Belarus, which is supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine. NBC News says the two accounts were pushing questionable claims made by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Facebook and Twitter.

One campaign used computer-generated faces to bolster the credibility of fake columnists across several platforms, including Instagram. The other used hacked accounts to push similar anti-Ukraine propaganda and was linked to a known Belarusian hacking group.

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