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Are you happy with your Valentine’s present this year? There’s a lot of pressure on couples to get their significant other the right gift and not all partners knock it out of the park. Tina Wilson, a relationship expert and founder of the dating app Wingman, says Valentine’s Day gifts can tell you a lot about your relationship.

This is what your Valentine’s Day present really says about your relationship, according to The Sun:

  • Jewelry – If your S.O. treated you to a piece of jewelry, that’s a big green flag. Tina says getting any kind of jewelry, even a beaded bracelet, shows your partner is serious.
  • Going out for dinner – The meaning of this one all depends on where you go to eat. If they take you to their favorite restaurant, Tina says it shows a selfish streak, but if they take you to your favorite spot, it’s a sign they put your needs above their own. And a home-cooked dinner gets a thumbs up, especially if they light a candle.
  • Lingerie – It’s one of the most cliché gifts you can get and this expert says it’s always more for him than you unless he gives you a pair of cozy PJs or a brand he knows you really love.
  • Flowers – A dozen red roses is a safe choice and even if they’re not your favorite, Tina says Valentine’s Day is one time you can “accept them and be gracious.”
  • Chocolates – If they just grabbed a box at the store on their way over, it could show they’re lazy or forgot, which Tina calls “almost unforgivable.” She adds that the only acceptable chocolates are the ones they know you love and made an effort to get.
  • Gifts for the home – Getting an appliance for Valentine’s Day, unless you specifically asked for it, is definitely not romantic, and if that’s what you got this year? This expert says, “Time to download those dating apps and look around.”
  • A card – It may not be extravagant, but it can be a special way to say I love you, especially when you’re on a tight budget.
  • Night away – This one’s a definite green flag! If your sweetie gives you a getaway for Valentine’s Day, take it as a sign they want to spend quality time with you and impress you, too.
  • Breakfast in bed – It seems simple, but if you have a family and never get a minute to yourself, this gesture is even more romantic and gets this relationship expert’s approval.

So this year I took my girlfriend out to dinner, got us a self-care day getting pedicures, and bought her flowers and chocolates. I think I did alright, no!? What did you get (or do) for Valentine’s Day? Do you think the above is true? Tweet us! @theMRLshow