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Planning to treat your sweetie to a special Valentine’s Day dinner? It can be a romantic way to spend the evening, but you’ll want to be selective with the menu if you’re planning to have sex afterward. Whether you’re cooking or dining out, nutritionist Lily Soutter says there are some foods you’ll want to stay away from to make sure you’re in tip-top condition for post-Valentine’s Day dinner sex.

Make sure you’re ready for all the romance by avoiding these foods tonight:

  • Burgers and fries – High fat, heavy meals can make anyone feel tired and sluggish, and low energy levels can affect our moods and our sexual desire, which isn’t really what you want for Valentine’s night. So Lily recommends skipping the burgers and fries tonight or swapping your usual beef burger for a plant-based patty that’s a lot lighter, but still gives you the same texture and flavor.
  • Heavy carbs – If you’re hoping to recreate the romantic spaghetti and meatballs scene from “Lady and the Tramp,” you may want to rethink all that pasta. All those carbs are likely to leave you feeling lethargic instead of frisky. If you do decide on pizza or pasta, Lily suggests eating in moderation and going easy on the cheese.
  • Beans – Sure, they’re super healthy and high in fiber, but beans can also leave you feeling bloated and gassy and that’s the last thing you want when you’re getting intimate. So consider skipping the beans tonight, or at least rinsing canned beans in water to reduce their gas-creating elements.
  • Chocolate – It’s a Valentine’s Day staple, so Lily isn’t suggesting cutting chocolate out of the holiday. But she does recommend making a light chocolate sauce to dip fruit into rather than eating heavy chocolate cake or brownies.
  • So what should we eat that won’t negatively affect our libido? This nutrition expert recommends colorful fruits and veggies, which are not only lighter, they contain lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals we need. “Making sure it’s not totally beige on your plate would be great,” Lily explains.
  • And watch HOW you eat – It’s not just what you put into your body that matters, but also how you consume it. Taking the time to chew your food completely and eating slowly can help ensure proper digestion before you get into bed with your Valentine. Mindfully eating helps you enjoy the food and helps reduce the bloating and indigestion that could ruin your evening.


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