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Nicole, New MRL Producer

Compatibility is huge when you’re starting a new relationship, so watch for yellow flags!

Most people look for red flags that will only waste more time in a toxic relationship. On the Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show we always hear about how they had “gut feelings,” which ultimately led them to discover infidelity. It’s so important to listen to those instincts. Here are some yellow flags that we found on that you must look out for: 

  • They haven’t had a long term relationship before
  • They still communicate with their ex
  • They don’t like criticism
  • They tend to make plans themselves
  • They remind you of your ex
  • They make regular assumptions
  • They have a hard time telling you how they feel

One thing remains true; these yellow flags are common traits amongst those on the War of the Roses radio segment. If you ever find yourself in a relationship where the person has some of these yellow flags, then you should reach out to the Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show. Not only will we want to hear your story let our radio family help you understand the yellow flags, but we could even see if they are cheaters on our War of the Roses segments. 

If you want to do the mature thing and discuss these yellow flags amongst yourself, remember that communication is critical. Coming from a place of honesty and the desire to understand your partner better helps build trust and a strong foundation.

Also consider that if your young, then some of these flags aren’t even issues yet. Dating history doesn’t truly matter when you are younger than 21. At that point, it comes down to young age immaturity instead of diving deep into a relationship with a manipulative red flagger.