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Like it or not Producer Nicole, (she doesn’t like Sea World) Cedar Fair the owner of Carowinds received a takeover bid from Sea World. This offer would allow Sea World to grow in the amusement park industry. This isn’t the first time Cedar Fair was offered a takeover. In 2019 Six Flags unsuccessfully tried to buy the company.

Bloomberg reports that the offer is somewhere around 3.4 billion dollars. I reached out to my friend who works with Carowinds corporate, they said they didn’t know “anything more,” but were surprised. Fox 46 reported that if the deal went through because Sea World is run very different, it would most likely mean changes would come to the look and feel of Carowinds.

“If SeaWorld were to come in and take it over, it would definitely change in some form and manner. Hard to determine what that would be at this point in time, but I can assure you, there will be changes.” – International Theme Park Services CEO Dennis Speigel was quoted as saying.

I think it’s kind of exciting. Sea World is a big company and maybe a bigger means more attractions locally here at Carowinds. Plus, a wale in Fort Mill would be fun!


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