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Have you ever felt so frustrated that all you want to do is scream? A group of moms met up on a football field to do just that. Parenting in the pandemic has been especially hard on mothers and as much as we love our kids, there are days when you just want to scream. One woman saw that need and organized a way for others to join her to yell it out together.

Sarah Harmon, a Boston-based licensed mental health therapist and mom of two, came up with the idea for the scream session after seeing the toll the pandemic was taking on moms. During her work with moms and from what she was feeling herself, she found herself saying, “Ah, we just need to all get together on a field and scream it out.” And the response from her clients, moms at school and other women was “let’s do it!” They had their first group primal scream in March 2021 with about a dozen moms joining in and they held another one earlier this month with about twice that many moms, all gathering to scream for about 20 minutes.

Harmon led the group in five rounds of screaming using lighted unicorn wands she borrowed from her daughters:

  • First, they did a “normal scream”
  • Then a scream using any curse words they wanted
  • Next was a free-for-all-scream
  • Followed by a scream for the moms who were too busy to make it or were isolated with Covid
  • And finally, Harmon encouraged them to just scream as loudly as possible.

“The scream was this hilarious opportunity to let go,” explains participant Tess O’Brien. “It was a moment of release and escape in this crazy, constant survival mode that we’ve been in for two years.”

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