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Oh la la. A French kiss involves a lot of tongues. A tongue-to-tongue kiss occurs when one or both partners use their tongues to stimulate each other's mouths.

Okay, so this is something I will probably NEVER try on my Mommyhood 2 Menopause Podcast!

According to the Daily Mail a married couple in the U.K. launched a podcast to help other couples, but it’s not your average self-help content. Lacey Haynes, an “intuitive healer” and her husband, Flynn Talbot, a men’s life coach, started “Lacey and Flynn Have Sex” and on that podcast? They do just that.

Like a lot of couples, they say their sex life slowed down after they had their first baby, so they began investing time and effort into getting it back on track. They read books on diet and exercise and started doing yoga to boost their libidos, as well as scheduling weekly sex dates. And as a result, Lacey and Flynn transformed their sex life and relationship and after realizing there was a demand for coaching in intimate subjects, the couple started offering private and online courses.

The podcast was their next step, although Lacey says they didn’t mean to record themselves having sex in the first episode, that’s what they did. She explains that the podcast “developed its own momentum” and they now record their sex sessions for the show, describing what they’re doing to each other in intimate detail, all to “help listeners have more fulfilling sex,” the couple told the Daily Mail.

Along with the sounds of them getting it on, Lacey and Flynn also offer listeners sex and relationship advice. And even though their podcast is extremely revealing, the couple says their friends and family have been supportive and that making it has made their relationship even stronger.

Source: Daily Mail