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Black or white high top Chuck taylor Converse sneakers are always in style. The popular classic casual shoes manufactured by Converse in the 70s are now timeless.

Trends come and go faster than most of us can keep up with. Mullets, Y2K fashion, photo dumps, frozen honey, salmon, rice, and ice cubes all had their time to shine in 2021. But which trends are going to stay for good?

Pure Wow shares the trends they are “certain” won’t stick around for 2022 along with suggestions of what will be taking their place.

Pasta chips → Grandma’s baked ziti. Once air fryers became a kitchen staple, people began air frying everything, including pasta! The truth is that fried pasta doesn’t compare to the traditional boiled stuff. What won’t ever go out of style? Grandma’s home-cookin!

Chunky dad sneakers → ‘70s-inspired kicks. You either hated or loved these balky things. If you loved them, the good news is that retro is still in.. just in the form of earthy hues and high tops like Chuck Taylors.

Cookie-cutter contouring → Embrace your face. Beauty vloggers at one time all insisted on a specific contour method to achieve that “ideal oval face shape.” In 2022, we’ll be more encouraged to accentuate our distant features considering we all have different faces.

Going on a million dates → Video previews. Zoom dates became a huge trend because of the pandemic but they’re here to stay. According to, 71% of singles say video chatting helped to first determine if they wanted to meet up in person.

Makeup wipes → Cleansing oils, blams, and micellar waters. Once a staple in everyone’s skincare routine, makeup wipes need to be a thing of the past. Not only are they terrible for the environment but they’re also not the best for your skin.

Source: Pure Wow