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Posting to her TikTok account @thecrystalpatch, Kalei has revealed how people can hex their ex’s genitalia or the private parts of anyone who has abused them.

She has uploaded a variety of videos that go into detail on the best spells to cast to seek vengeance.

“Do you want to learn how to hex your abusers weeny? Let me show ya,” she said in one clip.

For hexing men, Kalei recommends grabbing a cucumber and cutting a slit down its side. Next, you want to write down their full name and date of birth on a piece of paper and fold the paper away from you. Then, put it inside the slit you’ve just cut.

“Next we’re going to add some chili flakes to make sure his you know burns. Now take a screw, nails, glass, anything sharp and just start sticking it in there. Give that sh*t your energy,” she said.

“Now take some string and just wrap this baby up.

“While you’re wrapping the string, make sure you’re doing this with the intention of binding this to this person. Now you’re wanting to give it all of your nasty energy, all of the nasty feelings you have towards that person.

“When you are done, bury it off of your property.”

Link: Daily Star