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You do you girl! I like putting myself together in the mornings… even at 4am, and it seems at least one TikTok mom feels the same.

According to The New York Post, a TikTok mom was shamed over the way she dressed to take her son to the playground, but she got 100-percent support on the web. Rosie posted a video explaining that last year she took her son to their weekly visit to the local playground. As they got there she noticed a group of moms that made her high school “mean girl” radar go off… and she was right.

She avoided them, but her son went right up to the group. Naturally, Rosie followed. That’s when she heard one of the women say “Oh, you look nice, I don’t like you.” The words stung and Rosie began to think she was overdressed.

After thinking about it, Rosie decided she was fine. She shared “I have discovered that deliberately getting myself ready in the morning helps me to mentally prepare for the day, and fills my mornings with purpose.”

The TikTok comments were all supportive with one saying “Insecure women love to tear other thriving women down. Say this with me: We will never dull our shine again to make anyone comfortable”.  Many chimed in that the mom was jealous.

A good reminder that words hurt.

Source: New York Post


I couldn’t begin to list all the positive change this has brought to my daily routine! #getdressed #SAHM #momsoftiktok #momtok #cleantok

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