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OXFORD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: The hearse containing the coffin of PC Andrew Harper arrives for his funeral service at Christ Church Cathedral on October 14, 2019 in Oxford, England. Police Constable Andrew Harper was killed whilst he responded to reported burglary on August 15 this year. (Photo by Ben Birchall - Pool/Getty Images)

Imagine the surprise when two women viewed their mother in her casket and it wasn’t her.

Jennetta Archer and Jennifer Taylor attended their mother’s viewing at Hunter’s Funeral Home in Ahoskie earlier this month. However, the pair noticed that the person in the casket was wearing their mother’s clothes but was definitely not their mother. The women didn’t look alike and the stranger’s body was swimming in the clothing.

Here’s where it gets crazy. The staff reportedly tried to convince the sisters otherwise until their mother’s body was found in the embalming room. The late mother was put in the casket and the viewing resumed.

The funeral home says they have tried to reach out to the family, but the sisters say they haven’t received any calls.

Source: CBS News