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A new study done by the “American Addiction Centers” may surprise you – millennials and Gen-Z have now killed heavy drinking culture. In a survey of 3,400 millennials and Gen-Zers across all 50 states, over two-thirds said that they think heavy drinking is “boring.”

Other findings included:

  • 60% of those in Maryland said they’d rather spend an hour at the gym than in a bar
  • Just under half of that said they’re more excited by post-workout buzz than being tipsy
  • The majority of Virginia also said they’d prefer to work out over drinking
  • More than a quarter of all respondents said they have adopted healthier choices popularized by social media influencers
  • 77% said even if there hadn’t been COVID restrictions, they still wouldn’t have a strong desire to go out partying

The results also suggest that the expensive cost of drinking culture could influence the cut-down.

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