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I HATE adulting … and I know I’m not alone!

Nobody ever said being an adult was easy, which may be why so many people had to overcome some big fears to embrace becoming one. SNWS Digital reports on a new survey and here’s what they found people were most afraid of when it came to “adulting”:

  • 58% of Americans say before living on their own they were afraid of “adulting” tasks.
  • Another 56% say they wish they were more prepared for such responsibilities.
  • One of the first signs that made someone realize they were an adult was thinking about saving money (35%)
  • Other big “adulting” signs include:
    • Doing their taxes (32%)
    • Signing up for insurance (29%)
    • Sticking to a budget (29%)
  • So, at what age should people start feeling like an adult?
  • Well, on average most folks say it should start around age 25.
  • But 30% of people say it didn’t happen until after that.
  • 51% of Americans feel like they are not where they should be in life.
  • 39% feel like they are being left in the dust by friends.

When it comes to their adulting concerns, many issues revolve around money.

  • Some of the biggest concerns include:
    • Having enough in their personal savings (41%)
    • Having enough for retirement (41%)
    • Health and medical expenses (30%)

Source: SNWS Digital