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According to Good Morning America, a mom in New Jersey is setting a positive example for her six children by reaching her longtime personal goal of getting her diploma. Dafani Peralta was forced to drop out of high school after getting pregnant with her first child and after having the baby at 15, she struggled to return to school. But at 28, she’s proving it’s better late than never and has finally earned her diploma.

Peralta, told Good Morning America, as a teen mom, she hoped to get back into school, and she did some, but transportation and child care were issues. She and her baby girl bounced between several family members’ homes as she searched for a job and her education couldn’t be her top priority at the time. She attempted to return to school several more times over the years, but she went on to have five more kids, including one with autism, which created more challenges.

With each passing year, her goal seemed more impossible, but Peralta refused to give up on her GED dream. And last year, she realized she could take classes online and she set out to earn her diploma. Her dream came true this summer and in the process, she set a positive example for her kids, who are now 12, 10, eight, seven, five and four. “I want them to see what their minds can do,” she says. “I don’t have to just say to go to school and graduate, I’m doing it.”

Good for you girl!!!! Having kids and doing anything for yourself is hard so I truly have to applaud this woman!

Source: Good Morning America