SIDMOUTH, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 17: Jellyfish that have been washed up on Sidmouth beach by yesterday's ex-hurricane Ophelia are seen in Sidmouth on October 17, 2017 in Devon, England. People have been warned to take extra care close to the coastline today after reports of deadly Portugese man o'war being washed inland by ex-hurricane Ophelia. The so called 'Floating Terror', which is in fact not a jellyfish but a floating colony, has long tentacles that can cause a painful sting and be fatal in extremely rare cases. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Kids are getting ready to head back to school and many families are getting that one last beach weekend in. If you’re headed to the Topsail or Surf City area stay alert. There have been more and more jellyfish sighted and jellyfish stings reported in Surf City. Both locals and tourists alike are reporting seeing the creatures. Jellyfish do not have to be alive to “sting” their victims. Even coming in contact with the tentacle can cause a release of toxins, so it’s best to avoid them. But what should you do if you do get stung? Rinse the wound with salt water, detach any tentacles, and vinegar can be used to help with the stinging as well. We can neither confirm nor deny if the method used on “Friends” helps or is the best choice of treatment.

Have you seen any Jellyfish at Surf City this summer? Portuguese Man O War have been spotted at NC Beaches earlier this summer. Heading to the area? Check out our must-do’s for a weekend in Topsail, NC. 

Source WRAL