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Looking for a new workout? If walking isn’t already part of your fitness routine, you may want to start there. Many studies have found this simple form of movement is one of the best forms of exercise with benefits including better mental and physical health and enhanced communication skills.

“Walking is the most underrated, corrective, mind-body, fat-burning exercise available to humans,” explains Dana Santas, a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and mind-body coach in professional sports.

Here are some other perks for the underrated exercise:

  • Walking improves your health – research from Harvard Medical School finds walking can do more to combat disease than pretty much everything. Walking for just under 22 minutes a day may reduce your risk of heart disease by an impressive 30%
  • Walking improves memory and cognitive capability – Studies have shown that walking is a brain booster. Research finds walking can lower the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Walking boosts mood and lowers stress – Just a few minutes of walking a day can ease anxiety and improve mood, especially when you are walking in nature
  • Walking is energizing and helps you sleep – It can raise energy levels, but it won’t interfere with sleep, according to research that finds women over 50 who walk for an hour every morning were less likely to have insomnia than those who didn’t walk
  • Walking is a workout – Walking can be safe and easy for newbies, but you can also ramp up the intensity with bursts of running, adding hand or ankle weights, or going up and down hills
  • Walking can build family bonds – Going out for a walk with kids can enhance communication and even boost academic success
  • Walking is free and can be done anywhere – no pricey gym membership required!

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